Eye Surgery Is Not Fun {Plus a Teething Baby!}

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I haven’t really talked much about my eye surgery. I guess, I have not wanted to dwell on it or talk about how worried I am about it. I have blogged about my eye issues. I was dealing with a watery eye and a couple of eye infections since October. In January, I found out I had a blocked tear duct. The doctor probed my tear duct and tried to flush it out with saline and the liquid pored down my face. It was definitely blocked. I needed eye surgery – DCR for short, the long name of the surgery will have to be Googled by you if you’d like to know more about it.

eye surgery

It healed well. I got the stitches out. Then at the end of last week, I started getting discharge and watering again! I had an eye infection. A bad one.  I am again quite miserable. My Little Man is getting his second tooth and is quite fussy. I am trying not to lose my patience with these children. It is times like this that I am praying – hard. {Please pray for me!} The week I had surgery was also the same week my kids were both sick. {When it rains it pours!} We brought my Little Man in to our family doctor. He had two ear infections and he was prescribed antibiotics. For two days he was miserable. I was recovering and my husband just about went crazy. Really. He is such a trooper though. God blessed me with a good husband!

The doctor told us to keep our Little Man hydrated.

nuby sipper

Thankfully, I just received a new cup for our Little Man. The Nuby Softflex Natural Sipper made it much easier to keep our precious baby boy hydrated while he was sick. The SoftFlex™ Natural Sipper™ has a unique one piece No-Spill™ soft silicone spout that is

  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • has a natural drinking action that promotes healthy oral development

We like that the valve opens easily for our Little Man and has removable handles. Right now, at 8 months old, he loves to hold his sipper with the handles. One more great thing about this sipper is they are fully interchangeable with the SoftFlex™ nursers and nipple system. How convenient is that? So with my eye, his ears, and his teeth coming in, we were thankful for our Nuby sipper.

nuby sipper 2

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*Disclosure: I am a Nuby Mommy Blogger and received the above product for review. All opinions are mine.

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness. No eye surgery would so NOT be fun! I hope you have a pretty easy and uneventful recovery, sorry to hear about the eye infection.

    • LaVonne says

      And, the Princess woke up sick today too. Stomach bug. She threw up twice and now is under a blanket watching PBS. Thankfully, she is a great patient. So mellow and quiet. I know she wants to be up and about though. She is bored.

  2. says

    So sorry to hear you not only had to get eye surgery, but that your kids were also sick at the same time. That is horrible, but am glad your husband was able to help so much–even if he did go a little crazy in the process; but who wouldn’t, right? Hope you are all much better soon!

    • LaVonne says

      Thank you Holly. I want us all healthy and 100% soon too. Constantly praying all day that I have patience and strength.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    Oh Bless Your Heart…I am so sorry you are going through so much. I hope you have some family and friends to offer to lend a hand or two until you can heal. That is just too difficult with having pain and watching children when they are sick too. Prayers going up for you!

    • LaVonne says

      We are in a new location so our family and friends are back home. It has been a rough week. But I sure appreciate your prayers!


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