Creative Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola plus Giveaway

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Thank you Crayola for sponsoring today’s post.
creative summer fun

My daughter loves coloring, drawing, painting, and arts and crafts in general. She also loves anything that Crayola makes. Truly. So when she had the chance to try out some great Crayola products this summer she was very happy, as you can imagine.

Creative Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola

crayola hopscotch

Washable Sidewalk Chalk:

A standout from the crowd — it’s the first sidewalk chalk featuring 48 classic Crayola crayon colors! And that’s not all – the chalk is also bolder and more vibrant than ever. With so many colors to choose from, kids can let their imaginations run wild to create beautiful masterpieces that may include “carnation pink” flowers, “sepia” colored tree trunks, “granny smith apple” turtles or “scarlet” colored lady bugs. A new anti-roll shape prevents chalk from rolling away and the wide sides allow kids to draw thick lines. Parents will appreciate that the chalk is washable from sidewalks and driveways – simply spray away with water!

My Princess loved making a hopscotch game and drawing rainbows on our driveway. I love that this washes away with water. The only thing about sidewalk chalk is learning not to push too hard. Our white chalk was almost gone after making a hopscotch game because we pushed to hard on the sidewalk.

crayola color wonder

Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go:

  • Mess-free fun hits the road with Crayola Wonder Mini Stow and Go!
  • The Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go gives you a portable writing surface and storage for your creations and markers.
  • Markers color only on special paper and not on skin, furniture or carpets!
  • Each pack includes a 15-page mini Color Wonder Coloring Pad and 3 Color Wonder Markers

We already have a few Color Wonder coloring books and markers, but this Mini Stow and Go is perfect for the car and church. My Princess took this Crayola product on our annual Canoe Journey and we were thankful for it.

busy bag idea

This Crayola product was by far my Princess’ favorite. I mean Disney Princess Color Wonder Glitter Pages with 5 Markers? It was no contest for her. She loved the glitter and it was actually the first time either of us has seen this effect. She wanted more glitter too. It was a fun book for her and we also brought this product with us traveling.

Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers:

Crayola’s new Color Wonder Glitter Paper is full of glittery fun but without the mess, since the glitter effects are in the paper. Kids can create dazzling, sparkly masterpieces with their favorite Disney Princesses and Fairies. With Crayola’s Color Wonder system, parents can rest easy since the mess-free Color Wonder markers will only appear on the special Color Wonder paper – not on skin, clothing, walls or furniture. Kids can color and watch in awe as hidden images magically appear on the glittery paper.

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WIN! How would you like make your own creative summer fun with Crayola? One lucky Long Wait For Isabella reader will win:

(1) One Pack of Washable Sidewalk Chalk
(1) One Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go
(1) One Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers

Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Open to US residents 18+.

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Disclosure: The Crayola product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to get the Crayola Spray Marker for my daughter because it looks like a unique way to make her art.

  2. Tamar says

    I like the 3D Deluxe Art Set also and I didn’t mean to copy… but I see Jessica said the same thing. For what it’s worth, I also filled out the pop-up Crayola survey. Yes, I really went to the website.

  3. June S. says

    One good thing to have of their products in your home is the washable markers. In case of little ones causing boo, boo’s on the walls!

  4. Wild Orchid says

    I would also love this –

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  5. Jennifer Aldridge says

    I love all of their Color Wonder products. And the fact that most of their items is washable saves my sanity!

  6. Beverly Schalk says

    My first Crayola stampers would be a great addition to the Sunday school babysitting room. We’re using a lot of used stuff and our resources are thin! Thanks.

  7. Melissa Snyder says

    The artigami. I think my son would enjoy looking one picture the folding it and making another one great idea

  8. crystal smith says

    After visiting the Crayola site I’d love to get the Glow Explosion. I think my boys would have a lot of fun with it :)


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