A Baby Story

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Welcome to the world, Nathanael – or Nate the great as grandma calls you! I did it again, a natural birth. But this time? It was very hard. I didn’t think I could do it…

At 9pm the night before, I started having light contractions every 25 minutes. This went on through the night. By 4am they were about 10 minutes apart.  I never told you all this but I was Group B Strep positive. The midwife wanted me to go in if my water broke or when my labor was 5 minutes apart. Right away – so I could get two doses of antibiotics before Nathanael came.

I had my first child, Isabella, pretty quickly, so I had a feeling that Nathanael would come even faster. So at 5pm we decided, though I wasn’t 5 minutes apart, I should just go to the hospital. I was in pain! It is amazing how you forget how much it hurts.

When I arrived I was only 2 cm dilated. They kept me for 2 hours, to watch if I progressed, and I decided to walk the halls of the hospital birth center.  After 45 minutes of walking, I went to 3.5 cm dilated. They admitted me! I went to the bath tub, and they administered antibiotics.

I progressed fast!  In the tub I went to 6cm. So my husband called my parents and sister who had our Princess. Then I labored on the bed and quickly got to 8 cm dilated and fully effaced. It was getting close. By 8cm, the pain was excrutiating! I told my husband, “I don’t think I can do this! I need something for the pain.” He tried to talk me out of it, but I didn’t think I could take it. Truly. But by then, it was too late.

My family all arrived in time to see me in active labor. My husband and Princess washed up and got ready to catch the baby. Yes, my Princess watched the entire child birth, and even rubbed my legs for me! She wasn’t scared despite the fact that I did scream from the pain more than once. She did amazing!

During the pushing phase, I actually started getting light headed, I told the nurse, “I think I am going to faint.” So they gave me oxygen. I pushed, and pushed (through about 10 contractions) and out came Nathanael. The cord was wrapped twice around his neck, and with quick thinking, my Midwife unwrapped it before my husband even had time to worry. My husband and Princess both cut the cord together. In less than 6 hours of arriving at the hospital, I had my baby – and only one dose of antibiotics. They kept us 48 hours, to make sure Nathanael did not have Group B Strep. He was fine, thankfully, and by 48 hours we were more than ready to go home!

Two weeks have gone by, and he is such a great baby – I will have to brag in another post how well he is sleeping!

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  1. Carissa says

    Congrats! You are one tough cookie. :) My sisters have done natural births for their children, too. Ideal if possible.

  2. Deb Dorrington says

    How wonderful for you and your family..You are a tough Mama..:) Congratulations to all of you and Welcome Nathanael to the world!

  3. Cyndee Thomas says

    Congrats on your son’s birth! Mama, you were made of stamina and strength to carry out this birth. Good for You! It was your “will” that helped you so much!I wish you and Baby Nathanael a special bond. May you and your family enjoy this Father’s Day:) I hope you feel better now and enjoy the days ahead with your littlest one.
    Take Care!

    • LaVonne says

      Thanks, Cyndee. We are having a great day lounging at home enjoying both kids! I appreciate your visit to my blog!

  4. says

    Congratulations! I had 4 babies and my last was an unexpected natural birth. She came very quickly. I find all the stress, drama and pain is gone when I look into her eyes.

  5. says

    Congratulations!! I love that your daughter had such a huge part in her baby brother’s birth. Amazed that you did it naturally. Both of my babies were c-section.

    So are you going to modify the name of your blog?? :) Add Nate the Great in there somewhere?

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