Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles Recipe

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soccer practice snack

This week my husband purchased two official kid sized soccer balls. We saw a father and daughter at our local park practicing and my daughter could not wait to practice soccer with daddy. At six, we were amazed at how well she did. My husband grew up playing soccer in Southern California and was able to teach her a few things. She picked it up right away.

When we got home, she wanted a snack before dinner. Thankfully, I found Mrs. Fields Nibblers® at our local Fred Meyer (Kroger affiliate grocery store). I bought Peanut Butter Chip and Chocolate Chip. These cookies are dipped in fudge and are so tasty – better than homemade. Honestly. They are soft, just the way I like my cookies. Plus, they are small. You don’t feel guilty for eating three.

mrs fields nibblers

I decided to make an easy dessert this week with the Milk Chocolate Chip Nibblers®. Life in the RV means a lot less space. So easy desserts are a must. I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles. They only have three ingredients!


  • Mrs. Fields Nibblers Cookies
  • 6 oz Cream Cheese
  • Chocolate Bark or Chocolate Chips

chocolate chip truffles

I roughly chopped up the box of 15 Nibblers® (minus three since the family wanted to eat just one!). I added 6oz of cream cheese and mixed it well. I think I could have used 5 or 4 oz and been fine. I then rolled them into small 1 1/2 inch balls (think 2 bites or 1 large bite). Next, I used microwavable chocolate chips. You can just dip them into the cup, it is so much easier! I should have purchased toothpicks to dip them into the chocolate. Instead, I used the smallest thing we had in the RV – a food thermometer. {RV Life! You use what you have…}

mrs fields nibblers

I placed the dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies Truffles in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. After a long and difficult day with two young kids, I ate two. Hey! I couldn’t help it. Motherhood is hard business! They are lucky that I love them so much!

The rest of my family? They easily finished them. {There were 16 totals truffles made.}

Chocolate Chip Cookies Truffles Recipe

Life in this 32 foot RV means a lot of difficult times but mostly shared moments of sweetness with those I love most. I love that I can easily put a smile on their faces with something as simple as a cookie.

Mrs. Fields cookies has a long history of sharing their homemade goodness. Soft-baked and snack size, Mrs. Fields Nibblers® have been a mommy staple since the early 1980s. And now for the first time, you can find delicious flavors like Milk Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Double Chocolate Fudge in a grocery store near you.

mrs fields logo




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    • LaVonne says

      They are such a great size. Two bites basically. And I really love how soft they are. They are definitely my new favorite store bought cookies!

    • LaVonne says

      We are actually getting a few more boxes, Ashley. So my daughter asked me to make more of these. I said, “Can’t you just eat the cookie?” She doesn’t want to just eat the cookie now. She wants it mixed with cream cheese and dipped in chocolate :)

  1. Robin Wilson says

    They look so good that if you only ate 2 I think you showed great willpower! My husband would devour these! I’d have to hide a couple just to get any for myself! I’m sure it’s somewhere, but do you live full-time in an RV?

    • LaVonne says

      I have good will power when I want it 😉 We travel in an RV part of the year for my hubby’s job, Robin. 32 feet with two bedrooms. I am getting pretty used to it though. It is becoming fun.

  2. Nicole Dz says

    Three simple ingredients, now that’s my kind of recipe. Love how easy these are to whip up. And my kids will fall in love with these. YUM!

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