Handprint Tree and Leaves Craft

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leaves craft

This time of year life just feels so much more busier. Here in the Long house we just finished our 6th week of homeschooling Kindergarten. We are flying out of Montreal back to the States and I am so excited to be heading home. We have fun traveling, but truly there is no place like home.

We are not home long before we head out to Denver, CO. This time we are staying in a one bedroom hotel suite that has an indoor pool, internet, cable TV, and free breakfast each day. We are all excited about that! I think you will see some swimming videos in the near future.

We have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather here in Montreal, Quebec. It has been hard at times – the cost of food and gas is high here and most people only speak French with very little English. But, we lived near 2 awesome parks and went almost daily to play.

When the leaves started falling at the park, we picked ’em up and put them in the heaviest book we could find. Then my Princess started making crafts. Here is the craft she made. I traced her hand but otherwise she did it all by herself.

Handprint Tree and Leaves Craft:

handprint tree

That little animal on the right of her handprint tree? A squirrel, of course!

With the holidays fast approaching, which in our house also includes two birthdays a week before Christmas, life can get overwhelming. I am glad that I have already started Christmas and birthday shopping and planning. {Oh, and this Thanksgiving we are going to Whistler, B.C.!}

Do you have any fun plans for the holidays?

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  1. says

    I love crafts like this that are relatively simple and quick to make. Nice tutorial – thanks for sharing. :)

    The Frugal Quack

  2. says

    Wow, it sure sounds like you guys are busy. I love that homeschooling allows for your travels. That hand print tree is absolutely adorable and definitely something that would be fun for any little ones to do. =)

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