Kindergarten Homeschool: Learning Short Vowels

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short vowels

We have completed two weeks of Kindergarten homeschool and we are doing great. These last two weeks we’ve been working on our short vowels. My daughter has mastered her short vowels sounds and can recognize which vowel is in words. She is loving phonics and the various games and activities we have been playing.

Here are short vowel learning ideas we’ve found helpful. Best of all they are free!

  • Short Vowel I Spy – look around your house and play I Spy with your child using only words that have short vowels in them. Then ask them which short vowel is in the word. We do this in the car and on walks too.
  • Short Vowel Bingo – from Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), a site I LOVE, and it is a free download.
  • Short Vowel Review Game – thank you Reading Mama for this Flip-It free download.
  • A Dab Will Do Ya Short Vowel Game – using a Bingo dabber, this is another TPT freebie.
  • Short Vowel Crossword Puzzle – thank you Mama’s Learning Corner for this free printable  and easy game.

Short Vowel Toilet Paper Craft:

apple tree craft

Plus here is an Octopus Toilet Paper Craft we’d like to do as well.

We also memorized a poem the last two weeks called A A Apple:


How has the school year going for your family?


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    • LaVonne says

      Yes, I love looking at the videos later. We have a good number from when she was 2 and 3 and it is so cute. Love having digital memories!

    • LaVonne says

      My daughter acts like she doesn’t like to do the work but when we are doing it she really enjoys herself. I think she just likes to complain. 😉

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