10 Green Tips for Back to School

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green tips for back to school

That time of year has come again! The kids are heading back to school and they are filled with excitement to see their friends and experience new things. The new school year is a new beginning filled with new teachers, experiences, and lessons. You can start off in the right direction by being environmentally friendly in your preparations for this school year. Take some advice from the Leafmen and follow these ten tips for going green to ensure you have an EPIC school year!

10 Green Tips for Back to School

1. Before heading to the store in search of supplies, take inventory of what items are left over from last year that can still be used this time around. Shopping for school can be exciting with all of the bright, fun items! Try to make sure you aren’t forgetting what you came for and don’t buy any unnecessary products that will go to waste.

2. When you have reduced your list of school supplies to the necessities, ensure that you think about what you buy. Look for pens and pencils that can be refilled or supplies that are made from recycled product. Read the labels and make smart decisions to help preserve the magic of Moonhaven!

3. There are so many ways to decrease the pollutants created by getting to and from school each day! If your child’s school has a bussing system, let them take the bus with their neighborhood friends each day. For older kids who live close to school, walking or biking each day not only provides them with exercise, but also completely eliminates any pollution from cars.

4. The Leafmen made their own clothes and armor from natural products to help protect the environment. You can also make a difference with your clothes by arranging a clothing swap party with some of your kids’ friends!
Everyone will walk away with new clothes and a happy conscience when they realize they are helping the environment!

5. The end of the day can be quite hectic as you run around dropping kids off at various after school activities! You can save your sanity and the earth by setting up a carpool schedule with other parents. Bonus: your kids will love the extra time with their friends!

6. When packing lunch for your little ones, keep the residents of Moonhaven on your mind. Invest in reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, and food containers. The kids will probably have tons of fun picking out lunch supplies with fun patterns and themes! Buying these products will also conserve tons of unnecessary waste!

7. The packaging isn’t the only part of lunch you can change to become more green! Send healthy, eco-friendly snacks and lunches with your little ones each day. Things like local, organic fruits and veggies are a great addition to your kids’ lunch!

8. In Epic, Queen Tara wears a gorgeous dress made from flower petals and leaves! You can get creative like her by changing the style of your backpack! Instead of purchasing a new bag every year, have a craft day and let your kids change up their bag with patches, paint, or other supplies.

9. Find out if your school already has a recycling program in place. If they don’t, take a stand and help set one up for each classroom! If recycling is already part of the plan, be sure to inform your own kids of the benefits of recycling so that they will participate!

10. Consider buying used books for your young students! Look online for gently used books or visit a local bookstore. This tip benefits students from grade school through college, when textbooks get extra expensive!

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Eco-friendly Lunch Ideas



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  1. peggy fedison says

    I like the idea for reuseable lunchbox and cloth napkins. they can also use a thermos so it doesnt get thrown out.

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like arranging a clothing swap party with some of your kids’ friends!
    Everyone will walk away with new clothes and a happy conscience when they realize they are helping the environment!

  3. Kathleen says

    I will be using a reusable lunch box instead of paper lunch bags and send a spoon instead of plastic spoons

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  4. says

    Very good tips! This is the first year we are actually back to school since my kids were always homeschooled. My daughter’s going to college this year and my son to 10th grade. He did take 2 classes last year, so we are reusing his backpack, pencils, and whatever else we can!

  5. christy tai says

    Send kids with reusable stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic which is harmful to the environment and to one’s body.

  6. Tamar says

    I wish we could do the bus in our neighborhood but the citywide busing isn’t until my son is a year older….:(

  7. Dawn Monroe says

    I like the tip to use reusable lunch containers and drink containers. If you can get your child to bring them home.

  8. Jennifer Young says

    I bought a nice backpack for my daughter with a lifetime guarantee so that I can keep using it for many years. Her backpacks last year kept breaking and I kept having to buy new ones. :(

  9. Jennifer Aldridge says

    I’m a big believer in using reusable snack and sandwich bags or plastic containers for school lunches.

  10. Cheryl W. says

    We are green by using the Tip #5. A bunch of us neighbors carpool to save on gas, to reduce pollution and just to let other moms have a break.

  11. kristin sims says

    My son brings his water bottle home everyday in his lunchbox, and we use it over and over again to send kool aid in it.

  12. says

    I’m with pretty much everyone else on the reusable lunch boxes. I also like the idea of carpooling for after school activities. Time to start collaborating with more parents :)
    Thanks for all of the great tips!

  13. Jill Myrick says

    We will be packing lunches in reusable containers and cloth bags as well as reusable water bottles.


  14. Candice Hull says

    I definitely agree with using reusable containers and silverware. Even reusable condiments containers.

  15. Rhonda Tenderholt says

    My sons use a lunchbox not a paper bag for their lunches. Trying to get them to use containers instead of plastic bags.

  16. Rebecca Lock says

    I use reusable sandwich bags. I bought two for my son and this is his third year using them. They are wonderful and eco friendly.


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