Following Christ in Arkansas

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We have had two small seminars this year. Two small towns with two small crowds. When you are moving your family around, missing out on family events and cultivating friendships, having a small seminar can be difficult. I try not to think, “I am displacing my family for this?” But it is a frequent thought in my head.

Shame faced a peek around hoping God understands my frustration. Then, I am reminded how my husband’s life was changed and my life as well by The Message of an awesome God. {I am still changing actually.} One changed life at a time. And I realize once more that even one life changed for eternity is worth it. Pray for my unbelief and frequent desire to run from our calling.

The Fort Smith Public Library Rocks!

We just arrived this last week in Arkansas and I prayed and anxiously awaited the crowd on Thursday night. I always wonder and pace a bit hoping for a good turnout. Praise the Lord we had about 150 people in attendance! It was exciting to see most of our seats filled. God is so good. Now my prayer is that the folks keep coming back and their lives are changed in a positive way.

Following Christ is not always easy but it is always rewarding in the end! We really do live a blessed life.


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    • LaVonne says

      Thanks Danielle. I didn’t think about that when I wrote this post. He would have done it for just one. I appreciate the reminder! Blessings!

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