10 Duct Tape Crafts For Valentine’s Day!

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Handmade gifts are always so nice. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we are looking at things we can make handmade.  My daughter loves making things. We decided to purchase a fun roll of duct tape and make a wallet. Duct tape crafts are great ideas for kids to make.

Duct Tape Wallet:

duct tape crafts You can find detailed instructions to make your own Duct Tape Wallet at Crafty Nest and Love Stitched. Did you know that the Duck Brand has their own Pinterest page with many duct tape crafts on it? Here are my top 10 favorite duct tape crafts from their Pinterest page. These would make great gifts for Valentine’s Day too!

duct tape flowers

Duct Tape Flowers

duct tape tie

Duct Tape Tie

duct tape clutch

Though these are Christmas style cards, you could easily find fun duct tape to make Valentine’s Day cards as well.

These are bows for Christmas but you can follow the instructions to make bows for your Valentine’s Day gifts too!

duct tape bows

And if you want to get super creative you could make dress clothes to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day!

Duct Tape Prom

Have you created anything with Duct Tape before?

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  1. sheila ressel says

    Wow, you can really do a lot of things with duct tape. All of the ideas are so cute and creative.

  2. FoundProdigal (Nicolle) says

    I’m loving so many of these I think I’m going to have to go out and buy some fancy duct tape! I’m especially liking the book clips.

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