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Can you believe there are only 95 days left until Christmas? Where has 2012 gone? The older I get the faster time seems to go by. I am going to blink and my children will  be grown and I will be old.

Do any of you have magazines lying around that you have no time to read? I do. I find magazines for free on online deal sites and I subscribe. They are free right? But then I can never read them. My husband hates that.

So my Princess and I decided to go through the large container full of magazines and made a collage. Not just any collage, we made a magazine wish list collage for Christmas. She loved it! Of course, anything that has to do with scissors, glue and products she wants would be fun.

It doesn’t look like much but we went through 20 magazines! We cut out what she wanted and recycled the rest.

All in messy hair and pajamas – the best kind of craft time.

I pulled out scrapbook paper {am I ever going to scrapbook again? Argh!} and let her pick the colors she wanted and she picked out things in magazines that caught her eye.

{She tried to choose ice cream but I told her that was not an actual Christmas present possibility since it would melt. I am such a bad mommy aren’t I?}

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

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  1. says

    Nice IDea! Although I don’t let my kids look at magazines or watch TV any time after Oct 1st, because it drives me nuts all the “I WANT’s” I get. I get enough just by visiting the store! lol.

    • LaVonne says

      Ha Ha! Every time I go to the store now my Princess wants something new. She knows about this blog and now when a cool commercial comes on (i.e. Stompeez) she asks if I can get those for my blog. LOL!

    • LaVonne says

      I have much more than one bag. I don’t even get prints any more like I used to. All my photos are on an external hard drive. Though I have made a few photo books when Shutterfly has free codes. I miss scrapbooking.

  2. says

    I used to have a huge stack of magazines…some I had read and some not. I took them to the library. It have been more fun to do a collage like you guys did though. Too bad I didn’t think of that.

    Then again that may be what the library folks ended up doing with them.

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