Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

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I have a baby shower to attend this week. My childhood friend, whom I love dearly, is having her first baby. She does not know yet what she is having. She has decided she wants to be surprised. I could never be surprised – it is not my personality. But, she said, “This is the best surprise nature could give. The biggest surprise of your life.” So it is exciting and everyone has their own idea of what she is having.

As I was looking on Pinterest for baby shower ideas, pinning my favorites, I wanted to share with you some great gender neutral baby shower ideas as well as baby shower ideas in general that I love.

Paper Ideas:


Baby Shower Food and Decor:

So I will be making cupcakes for this baby shower. Nothing fancy, but I did get some cute cupcake wraps and toppers. I will show you some photos soon!

Which Baby Shower Games do you love to play?

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