Baby Must Have: Gymini Bouncer by TinyLove

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With our Princess we had a hand-me-down bouncer from family. It worked well and did its job. We loved having it by the kitchen table or in the living room when we needed a place to put her while we were doing other things. So when Little Man came along, we pulled out our very well used bouncer and realized that maybe we just needed a new one.

Enter the TinyLove Gymini Bouncer – our newest lovely baby item. It surpasses our gently used bouncer by leaps and bounds and we love it. All of  us, including our Little Man, who’s opinion is most important.

About TinyLove Gymini Bouncer:

The Gymini® Bouncer is baby gear that has a comprehensive activity environment, equipped with a variety of exciting activities and engaging toys:

  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions.
  • Hanging toys can be easily moved along the arches.
  • Open arch position for easy parental access.
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy.
My Review of TinyLove Gymini Bouncer:
As I said above, we all love our Gymini Bouncer. This bouncer sits higher than our previous one, so Little Man can see things around him much easier. The colors are bright and attractive and the print bold and fun. Big Sister loves the hanging toys because she can shake them as she talks to him. I like the crab toy that has 5 fun lights and entertaining music. We adjust the arches widely so we can easily take Little Man in and out.
tinylove bouncer
There is a belt to keep him safe, and the gentle vibrations calm him down and often lull him to sleep. The quality is great. It surpasses the quality of 2 other bouncers (name brands you have heard of) that we also own. I could not live without the TinyLove Gymini Bouncer now. (We have since brought our gently used bouncer to my parent’s home.) The TinyLove Gymini Bouncer is truly is a baby must have!
Do you have a baby go to item to calm your baby and keep your hands free?  I’d love to hear about your favorite baby gear too.

Buy TinyLove Gymini Bouncer:

You can purchase your own TinyLove Gymini Bouncer from Amazon for just under $50!

Win TinyLove Gymini Bouncer:

One lucky Long Wait For Isabella reader will win their own bouncer (either the gender neutral one above or Tiny Princess version) in the Just for baby Giveaway hop. Come back on July 30th for your chance to win this and other great prizes!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product for review purposes only. All opinions are mine alone.

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    Omg that is such a cute baby! My kids LOVED their bouncers, but only the last one had an interactive one. (They didn’t have them for the others, just plain bouncers with music). This one looks like loads of fun and interaction and way nicer than my son had. Definitely hard to get bored with the bright colors!


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