Parenting Essential: ERGObaby Carrier

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With the birth of our second child, I pulled out all my baby carriers, even blogged about it, but really wanted to try the ERGObaby carrier. I had seen great reviews online, and have a few friends who use one, so I was quite excited to review and giveaway the Aussie Khaki ERGObaby carrier. I was also sent the infant insert so that I could wear my Little Man before he was 12 lbs.

About ERGObaby:

Born in the relaxed environment of Hawaii, first designed by Karin Frost, the original Ergobaby Carrier was developed for her son, applying proper ergonomics to a pragmatic need: keep your baby close. The Ergobaby Carrier was born out of a personal desire for mobility and comfort allowing you to tackle life while maintaining a close & natural bond with your baby and toddler.

ERGObaby Review:

We love our ERGObaby carrier. It now has a permanent home in our minvan and our house. I wear my little man at the store, around the house, at church, and visiting family and friends. Where ever we go, I wear my Little Man.

I am thankful I was able to also review the infant insert. When I first brought my boy home, he was not big enough for the ERGObaby carrier. With the infant insert he fit snuggly and safely into the carrier.

The straps are wide and comfortable. He is not squished up against the straps but sits comfortably against my chest. I also really like the color – Aussie Khaki is a perfect color that matches any clothing.

Here is my Little Man, loving his infant insert in the ERGObaby carrier:

Connect With ERGObaby:

Buy ERGObaby:

You can purchase your own ERGObaby carrier and infant seat at the ERGObaby website.

Win It:

One lucky Long Wait For Isabella reader will have a chance to win their own ERGObaby carrier in the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway grand prize package! Come back on August 1st for your chance to win!


*Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product for review purposes only. All opinions are mine.

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    • LaVonne says

      I wasn’t sure what I would think of the color. But yes, I love it. It does match everything so well. And thank you. He is so cute! 😉

  1. says

    Awww…he looks so comfy and snuggly. Congrats on finding the perfect carrier. I’ve heard a ton about Ergo – I’ll have to go check out the website. Thanks!

  2. says

    I have tried a number of different carriers but haven’t tried the Ergo yet. It’s one I was debating on when I was pregnant. What is the maximum weight limit?

    • LaVonne says

      We have the original and the weight limit is 45 lbs! I could not carry my Little Man when he is that large but it is possible. (Wow! I could actually carry my 4 year old Princess still in this carrier!)

  3. says

    That’s great you can be able to carry an infant. I had a carrier and my daughter barely fit, but it was nice for having to get her brother on the bus.

  4. Shannon says

    I will definitely be back August 1 for a chance to win! I have been wanting an Ergo for a while now, I just can’t afford one. And I SOOOOO NEEEEEEED one!

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