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You know when you come across a blog post that makes you want to do more? A post that convicts you, and makes you feel like getting up and being active?

That is what Tara’s post at Everyday Ramblings of My Life did today.

When my husband and I moved to Northern California, back in the day, I could not find a job. We were renting a house, it was summer time, it was hot, I didn’t know anyone, and I was miserable.

Finally, I decided if I couldn’t find a job, I would volunteer. I called the local food bank, asked if they needed help, and sure enough they did. I worked on logging in the customers who came for food each day. It was a wonderful experience and to this day I still want to run a food bank. I really loved it.

Fast forward to now, we travel 8 months out of the year, we live a busy life with a preschooler and a baby on the way, and I still get that gnawing feeling that I need to do more for my community. So after traveling ends in May for us, I want to find volunteer opportunities in my community or county.

Here are some great websites to find volunteering opportunities:

Do you volunteer? If so, where do you volunteer?

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  1. says

    I have volunteered in my community, but mainly only at Christmas time. I do want to get more involved though…thanks for the resources you mentioned!

    • LaVonne says

      Each Thanksgiving I want to volunteer but usually end up sending money instead. :( Christmas is another good time to volunteer. Thanks for that reminder.

    • LaVonne says

      I agree, Heather. I want my daughter to get in the habit of serving our community. It builds character and I think it will help her appreciate the blessings she has in her life. Plus, she loves to be a helper.

  2. says

    Yes I love to get involved in community. And I think it’s a great experiece for kids. It makes them understand the world a little better and appreciate what they have.

  3. says

    I volunteer at my kids school. I started as a volunteer through a group called Communities In School…I did everything from helping ESL kids, being a lunch buddy, to reading to classes. Last year, my time was more limited so I narrowed down my volunteer time to helping teachers doing things like bulletin boards, making copies, all the stuff their assistants would do, if their budgets had not been cut and their assistants had not been eliminated. This year, I’m on the PTA board, on the Hospitality Committee and spend at least 2 mornings a week at the school. One reason I volunteer is because one of my sons has special needs and they do so much to help him. Another reason is because I think it is important to stay involved in schools and they so desperately need the help!

  4. LaVonne says

    Meredith, I think that is wonderful. My mom volunteered at our school when I was young. I know the teachers appreciated that. I homeschool right now, but if I do send my daughter to school, I’d like to do that too. Thank you for sharing.

    • LaVonne says

      Katie, with a four year old and one on the way, time is what I am dealing with too. But I think I could easily wear my baby and still help somewhere this summer while we are off work. I hope. :)

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing the information! It’s so important to teach our children about giving back. There is that occassion too, where you feel really just amazing watching the lives of those you are helping. And when your children witness this, they are in awe!!! I love that so many feel the same way !!!

  6. Heidi19 says

    Most of the time, I volunteer my hand with my mom. She took care of my grandfather who’s old enough not to manage to take care of himself. I’d love to help my mom because we make bond with my grandpa. I love my grandpa so much that I know, I can’t manage to lose him yet. That’s why I’m doing my best to take good care of him.

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