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My husband had to work on Sunday for most of the day, so my Princess and I took advantage of that time and had a Girl’s Day.

We started our day with nails!

Thanks to Grandma, my Princess had $5 to spend for Valentine’s Day. She bought a set of Strawberry Shortcake nail polish and lip gloss. So I painted each toe a different color. Having fun colored nails was so exciting for my Princess. She is getting to that age, where she is really getting into “girly” things. (Unfortunately, the pool later that evening took off all the nail polish!)

Next on our list of fun was a movie! We got to go out on a “date” and watch The Secret World of Arriety. ¬†The movie is based on the book, “The Borrowers.” Now we want to head to the library and check out that book. We bought popcorn, soda, and candy and had an amazing time. We had never done this before together and it was quite the treat.

After the movie ended, we decided a girl’s day could not be complete without shopping. So off to Old Navy we went. At first we looked at baby boy clothing. But, hey, it was GIRL’S DAY, so we quit looking at that and went straight to my Princess’ section. We picked out a dress and two pair of jeans and went to the changing room. Do you know, we had never been in a changing room together to try clothes on for her? We’d been in there for me, but I had been just buying clothes for my Princess. No trying them on. She loved it. She danced and pranced in front of the mirror and we decided on one pair of jeans and the dress.

We ended our Girl’s Day at her favorite place to eat. Subway. Where she gets the same thing each time:

Veggie Delight on flat bread with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, pickles and mayo.

When we left Subway we ran into those little girls who sell amazing cookies this time of year.

We couldn’t pass it up. 2 boxes of cookies and an amazing day!

Do you ever do Girl’s Day with your daughter? I’d love to hear what you do. Give me more ideas.

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  1. says

    My daughter is 14 and I have 2 younger boys so we don’t get many girl’s day out. But we do have lots of conversation via texting or Facebook. Sometimes we get Starbucks before school. Really, she would be happy just to eat out. I am very lucky that my daughter tells me what is going on at school, with her friends, and her feelings. Many teenagers pull away, but so far so good.

    • LaVonne says

      That is what I am hoping for Meredith. I’d like her to be close to me as a teenager too. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it.

    • LaVonne says

      I am having a boy in June, and my Princess said that Daddy could take him on a boy’s day when he is bigger ūüėČ

      Yes, I am very glad I am going to have one of each. The best of both worlds.

    • LaVonne says

      I just saw a friend of mine post an in home spa with her girls. They had avocado on their face and cucumbers on their eyes. It was cute. And it sounded very fun. We’ll probably do that one too.

  2. says

    My mother and I are having a girls’ day for our birthdays this weekend! I’m excited to take her out for pampering, it’s something that she never gets to do.

    • LaVonne says

      That sounds like a lot of fun Tiffany. My dad tried to buy my mom, sister and I each a $100 gift card at a local spa, and my mom didn’t want to do it. She is pretty frugal. I finally got her to get her eyebrows waxed. Maybe this year I will convince her to get a pedicure or manicure :)

  3. says

    So fun!! Loved your run-down of your day. Sounds like you had as much fun as your Princess!

    My daughter and I have dates at least once a month. Usually we go get pedicures (she gets polish only since she can’t reach to soak in the water!) and out to dinner. Sometimes we do a movie, other times the bookstore where we cozy up in chairs and enjoy a hot cocoa from the cafe. Once we even did a girls weekend at Disneyworld!!! My hubby also does dates with her, she loves being spoiled by daddy and he enjoys getting to spoil her.

    • LaVonne says

      That sounds great, Dede. I need to do some of these things too. My Princess loves cocoa. A girls weekend to DisneyWorld? Wow! That is amazing.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love them.

  4. Brenda W. Scott says

    It’s really fun to have a girl bonding with your daughter. And I can tell that you two really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this.. :)

  5. says

    I love mommy/daughter dates! My daughter is 14, and we really have a great time sniffing out bath and body works! along with a starbucks hot chocolate afterwards!


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