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During our travels we meet so many great people. We get to know them in the four or five weeks we are working with their church, and then we have to leave. I always say that we will have a grand reunion in Heaven one day with a lot of great people.

During this seminar, our Princess has really connected with the two lovely ladies who are in charge of child care. They have fallen in love with the Princess and are so very patient and kind to her. Our Princess lovingly refers to them as “my new friends”.

The Princess and I decided to do something nice for these two ladies. Something we could work on together and do cheaply with the items we had in our craft box.

When I came across printable Subway Art Thanksgiving Tags, I was so excited. This would be perfect for us! We turned the free printables into Blessing Cards. Cards for the ladies to write down the things they are thankful for.

Here is our finished product:




I personalized it on the inside cover by handwriting a small note of thanks to them. Then on the inside back cover I wrote a Thanksgiving Bible verse.

I think we still might go tonight and get a hole punch and ribbon to bind it all together. That is the thing about traveling on the road. You always forget something at home that you could have used. Oh well, one cannot have too many hole punches and ribbon!

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