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Do you back up the important items on your computer? I am honestly guilty of waiting too long between back ups. We currently own one portable drive, that my husband and I both share. It is not fun to share a portable drive, people! So when I had the chance to review the Seagate Slim this holiday season, I was beyond happy. I mean, really – we each need our own external drive while traveling on the road for the hubby’s job.

About Seagate Slim

seagate slim size

The Seagate Slim portable drive is a thin and light way to back up the things that are important to you on your computers. Protect your stuff with easy, flexible backups. Automatically save photos from your social networks. Share photos and videos to social networks with a click.

seagate slim

Seagate Slim is a great drive for any family member. I originally wanted to review this item as a great Holiday Gift Guide for Men item. But when it arrived and I checked it out, I can honestly tell you, I took it for myself. Our old drive looks like a dinosaur compared to this. With its portable design (not much bigger than my iPhone!) and 500 GB size, how could I not keep it for myself? Sorry, honey!

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The Seagate Slim stores 15X more music, movies and other digital content. What I think is pretty cool is it has a “save” feature that automatically backs up pictures posted to Facebook or Flickr. You have to simply install some quick software and you can easily and quickly share to your Facebook account right from the installed dashboard. Pretty cool, right?

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You can purchase the Seagate Slim at and Amazon.

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