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About The Harmonica Pocket – Apple Apple

A solar-powered Puget Sound based band, The Harmonica Pocket, released their third family music CD on August 14th. The 14 songs on Apple Apple reflect the band’s deep connections to the natural world as well as the humor and wonder of childhood. This truly green recording was produced off the grid at The Harmonica Pocket’s solar-powered studios on Marrowstone Island, Washington.

The Harmonica Pocket’s 2008 release Ladybug One, a Parent’s Choice Award winner, is another truly all-ages album made for kids and adults to listen to together.

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My Review of The Harmonica Pocket – Apple Apple CD:


apple apple cd

Let me just start off by saying, The Harmonica Pocket Apple Apple is not just an album for kids. This is music that parents can enjoy. Other children’s albums we own, we turn off once our Princess falls asleep or leaves the vehicle. We laugh if we forget to turn it off. As parents we just don’t choose to listen to Children’s Music. But Apple Apple has such fun sounds and catchy lyrics – music I enjoy. The great folk sounds, guitar and harmonica blend together in such a lovely way. It is fun, it is entertaining.

We especially love songs #1 – I’m Gonna Count, #8 Waiting Always Takes a Long Time, and #10 Bare Feet and #11 Reflections. And when I say we I also mean me. If you are looking for an album for your children that has catchy kids words and songs set to a folksy yet fun music that you will want to listen to – Apple Apple is the album for you.

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You can purchase your own copy of Apple Apple by The Harmonica Pocket on iTunes or Amazon.




Do you listen to children’s music in your family? What are some of your favorites?

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    • LaVonne says

      Yes, I do hate when a kids song gets stuck in my head all day. This music is not the kind you’d hate to be signing. Check it out for sure!


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