Guided Eco-Friendly Back to School Products

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With Back to School shopping month here and summer quickly coming to and end, it is time to go out and buy your child’s  back to school products. But what if you could find eco-friendly back to school products? Great quality eco-friendly back to school products are available at Guided Products.

About Guided

Guided Products are made right. You don’t need to read the label to know everything we make must abide by a few simple requirements:

  • American Made
  • Same Shelf
  • Same Price

Guided Products, a Seattle based company, are made in the USA. Though eco-friendly they would like to be considered on the “same shelf” as other stationery products for the same price.

Connect with Guided Products:

The Green School Supply Kit
A huge hit with students, parents and teachers. This 30-piece School Supply Kit contains all the materials needed to walk the talk this school year, from a 3-ring ReBinder with replaceable covers to six RePocket folders and six recycled notebooks. Students love personalizing the bare jackets of these earth-friendly school supplies while parents reinforce the importance of environmental awareness.

My Review of Guided Products:

eco-friendly school products

I was sent the Guided Green School Supply Kit for review. Though, we are not sending our Princess to school this year, I am homeschooling her again for one final year of preschool. These products are so great. Not only made in the USA (which is getting more and more difficult to find), they are also a great value. The School Supply kit is so affordable, you really cannot pass it up.

What is so cool about the Guided Green School Supply Kit is you can design it with crayons, markers, pens, papers, stamps, etc. and make it your own. My 4 year old thinks that is the best part.

Here are some great Gallery Images from Guided of their products recreated:


Buy Guided Products:

The Green School Supply Kit is now on sale at the Guided Products website for only $31.99!

Win Guided Products:

One lucky Long Wait for Isabella reader will win their own Green School Supply Kit from Guided Products. Come back on August 17th for your chance to win this and other great prizes in the Back to School Spree Giveaway Event.


*Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


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  1. says

    I will have to check this out! Not only is my youngest starting preschool but my sister is going to be a senior she could def. use this the ecor friendly back to school products :)

  2. says

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I love that they offer a whole package and you can get everything all in one bundle (especially an eco-friendly bundle!) My kiddo isn’t ready for school yet but I’ll keep this company in mind :)

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