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  1. says

    How cute!!! We thought about letting Sophia do a dance class but some days she says she doesn’t want to and others she says she does. It looks like your little lady is enjoying it!!!

    • LaVonne says

      Ours has wanted to be a “ballerina” for about a year now, so we decided to let her try it out. It is an 8 week class (once per week) and she loves it.

  2. says

    Very cute pictures! My stepdaughters are very busy, busy, busy with activities. My 8-year-old stepdaughter is in bowling and baseball, while my 6-year-old stepdaughter is also in ballet and cheerleading. They love their activities!

    • LaVonne says

      We thought about gymnastics too but she really loves ballet. So we went with that. The next time we will do gymnastics. I think she might like that even more.

    • LaVonne says

      That is what she was doing for a long time now. I found a ballet leotard at our local Goodwill in excellent condition and she always would wear it around the house dancing. So I am glad they had an 8 week class for her age group this summer near us.

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