Back to School Shopping Plan

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Is it  hard to believe that it is August already? The back to school season is here and we are all inundated with Back to School sales. The commercials on television, the internet, and radio all tell us where we should shop and how much we will save. The weekly store circulars are showing great deals and cute buys that we cannot pass up. (I mean when things are 1 penny or ten cents how do we pass it up?)

Though we are simply doing homeschool PreK this year we still love to stock up on Back to School supplies and new clothing. We don’t need much thankfully, so my list is small and I will only stock up on things that I know we will use.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported:

  • 59 percent of parents surveyed said that the money they plan to spend on back-to-school shopping has been impacted by current economic concerns
  • 42 percent noted that school budget cuts will impact the amount of money they spend

So here is my 3 step Back to School Shopping Plan:

  1. Make a List – usually the school your child attends provides a list of items they need for back to school supplies. Find that list and shop from it. Take stock of your child’s wardrobe and school dress code policy and buy what is necessary. After your list is written check the store circulars and see who has the items you need at the best price.
  2. Use Back to School Coupons  – maximize your savings and find coupons. Back to School Coupons are abundant this time of year. Often in the Sunday paper or online as printables, coupons can really help your pocketbook.
  3. Use Amazon Coupon Codes – sometimes shopping this time of year can be crazy. Stay home if you can and take advantage of great online coupon codes. Many times you can find free shipping and great prices.
If you do go overboard with school supplies one recent blogger did have a great idea – buy extra and donate them to your child’s school. The teacher might not have a large budget for supplies and could use some extra help.


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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