Our Right to Know: Label #GMO

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I know I don’t live in California, but I think this is such an important intiative, I wanted to share it with all of you. The official CA ballot initiative in November (Prop 37) will force food companies to clearly label GMOs in the grocery store. For more information you can vist http://www.carighttoknow.com.

If this initiative passes, it’s very likely to get rolled out nationwide because it’s cost prohibitive to do it just in California. (Something very similar happened with the egg industry years ago and they were forced to roll new regulations out nationwide.) We need everyone’s help because the opposition will be spending anywhere from $60-100 million confusing the voters about GMOs. Social media and bloggers could make or break this election.

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    I am passionate about organic fruits and veggies, and grass fed meat. Because of my son’s health issues I make or preserve most of our own food from our garden or local farms, so I am not sure GMO labeling applies to this situation which I know is the exception not the norm. I believe though that if people buy storebought goods they have a right to know what is in them

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    I used to live in CA and love that they are always at the forefront of consumer protection. It’s so sad/scary that in the U.S. we have to fight to learn what is in our food.

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