Canker Sore Home Remedies

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My Princess got a canker sore this last week. She was miserable. It was her first one. Those small little owies can be painful. I wish I could have taken it for her. Don’t you just hate when your children are in pain?

I read that if a parent suffers with canker sores the child has a 90% chance of getting canker sores as well. Since my husband and I both have suffered from canker sores, I figured this must be the reason she got one.

We found some mouth wash that is specifically designed for canker sores and also some gel that numbs the canker sore. Both of these seemed to help with the pain, but unfortunately, did not make the canker sore go away any quicker than normal.

Of course, I decided to Google canker sores and found some great home remedies that I’d like to share with you all. (Just in case you or your children get canker sores too.) A few sites I visited mentioned not using a toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate . We do try to eliminate this in the products my Princess uses. But she did recently get a name brand toothpaste from the dentist that contains it. I think I am going to hide it and go back to our natural toothpaste again. Also sites mentioned to avoid spicy and high acid foods during the time you are suffering from a canker sore.

Home Remedies For Canker Sores

  • Use goldenseal mouth rinse. In one cup of warm water, mix one quarter teaspoon of salt and one half teaspoon or the contents of one capsule of goldenseal powder (it will not dissolve completely).
  • Take a B-100 B complex vitamin supplement daily.
  • Mix together equal amounts of Milk of Magnesia or Kaopectate and Benylin or Benadryl. Apply the mixture using a cotton swab and be careful not to swallow any of it. (source)
  • Make a paste out of slippery elm powder or take a slippery elm lozenge. (source)
  • Rinse your mouth several times a day by a mouthwash prepared by mixing one tsp. of baking soda in half cup of warm water. (source)
Do you have a home remedy for canker sores that you swear by? If so, please share it with me in the comments below.



*Disclosure: The information I am sharing with you is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.


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    • LaVonne says

      Thanks Greta. I remember using salt water rinse when I was a kid, but I knew my Princess would not be interested in that remedy. Yes, I do find it hard to play with too! Thanks for coming by.

  1. says

    My husband gets these sores a lot and I used to when I was younger. Drinking/eating a lot of acidic foods can cause it sometimes. I used to get them when I would eat a lot of sour candies all at once. I’ve always used warm, almost hot, salt water and orajel (although sometimes orajel can irritate it even worse). I hope she feels better soon!!

    • LaVonne says

      We have orajel and my Princess thought it hurt pretty badly. I remember using it when I was younger and feeling relieved when it numbed it. She is still pretty young though.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! Enjoy the rest of your day 😉

  2. says

    Great tips, thanks for sharing, I get these uncomfortable things from time to time, and now so do my two kids :( I will definitely remember these tips, I added this post to my clipix board :)

  3. says

    Hubby gets them frequently and I get them occasionally. Omg whatever you do… Do NOT eat pineapple or kiwi while you have one. Worst pain ever.

  4. Laura says

    I was going to mention eliminating the toothpaste with SLS, sometimes even the mouthrinses (fluoride, etc) will have SLS in them…I just read an article about Aloe Vera can help…I think it was talking about the kind that you can drink because it said to rinse for 30 seconds up to a minute & then swallow it. Had never heard that one! Salt water is a tried & true oral healer. Rembrandt had a toothpaste called Canker Cure at one time, not sure if it is still around! Hope it goes away fast!

    • LaVonne says

      Thanks for your tips Laura. I sure appreciate them. I did run across one site that recommended Aloe Vera. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Melanie says

    Thanks for the tips, my Josh has been getting them lately and is having a hard time brushing his teeth when he gets them. They hurt so bad, that my heart breaks for him. I remember Tyler always got them when he was younger.

    • LaVonne says

      Yes, brushing her teeth was difficult. It is so hard to see them in pain. Hers is gone now, but I hope that she doesn’t get another one for a long time!

  6. Susan Michaelson says

    Not only do I get cankers, so do my kids. I’ve been using Canker Sores Begone for years, even when my kids were toddlers. It non-toxic, so I like that a lot, especially for kids, but it seems to heal them overnight, occasionally a second day.Word of caution, the website say it doesn’t work if canker is from eating acidic food, so don’t order this product if you think that might be the cause.

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