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This week my Princess has made a big decision:

She wants to be a singer when she grows up.

She is certain of it.

And now she is making up songs left and right about anything and singing quite loudly. The funny thing is she is on key pretty often.

Maybe my mom is right – I should put her in singing lessons.

Daddy told her he’d like her to be a doctor or dentist. She said no, she wants to be a singer. When he said that she could be both, she still emphatically said no, just a singer.

In the shower, (which I should mention, she is taking by herself now!), she sings at the top of her lungs:

I want to be a singer. I want to be a singer like Melvis. When he was a boy he wanted to be a singer, and now he is dead…

We saw an Elvis impersonator at Christmas singing Christmas songs, which she loved. The other day we had a conversation about Elvis and  how he is not alive that the person we saw was pretending to be him. So this week, Elvis is on her brain. She saw a man with black hair and sideburns and asked me if it was ‘Melvis’.

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  1. says

    Hmm, I would’ve thought Tyler would be looking forward to having a “partner” for his preaching! 😀 Put that girl to work singing! Haha! But seriously, this is one of those things you want to haul out the video cam for, because that’s about the only way to capture her creativity so that you can look back on it later. Enjoy, LaVonne! I bet it’s sooooo cute!!!

    • LaVonne says

      We have a pocket camera, and I thought about pulling it out, but since she was in the shower, I thought I’d wait for a more appropriate time 😉 LOL!

      Yes, everyone loves to see kids singing in church. I better just get her some lessons!

  2. says

    Haha! I had to comment on this! My son is big into singing, like, crazy into singing and dh and I were discussing lessons. Hmmm…maybe when he’s four or five! But I want to hear your girl sing! What genre will she sing?

    • LaVonne says

      Gena, I need to record her on video for sure! We really only listen to Christian music, so that is her favorite and of course, Christmas songs.

  3. says

    Love it! My daughter is a rocker too. She sings all the time, it’s kind of her happy noise. She does say she wants to be a doctor, but just a singer on the weekends. Ha!

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