New Orleans

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We arrived safely this week to New Orleans. Our first stop in 2012. We have not been here before, so I am excited to have a city to explore and also to see lives changed by hearing the Gospel.

Our flight was pretty easy. Other than my lower back hurting on the 5 hour (2 planes) flight, it was quite nice. The DirectTV on board made the time “fly” by. My Princess stayed very quiet and good with her new iPad. 

Only once, did she embarrass me, which is pretty good. She looked at the older (quite older) lady next to us and in a loud voice said, “Mommy, her hands are weird. They are old. Real old!

Luckily, I think the woman was of an age, that her hearing was not the greatest.

While we are in New Orleans area I’d like to visit:

Have you been to the New Orleans area? 
What should I definitely see?
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