40 Days of Prayer

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I started a new book this week. It is a 40 day book of prayer and journaling. In addition to the learning about prayer, the Holy Spirit and journaling, you must also to choose 5 people to pray for each day.

I had a hard time picking 5 people. I have 7 in mind, but I know there are more. We all know people in our lives that do not know Christ or who have fallen away from Him. It is heart breaking.

I don’t know about all of you but witnessing to those closest to me always seems to be the most difficult. A conversation occurs very easily while I am on the road visiting with our seminar guests, but at home, where it is vitally important? That is difficult, at least for me. But these are the people that I really want to saved.

bible verses to claim

Here are the verses I will be claiming for each person on my prayer list every day:

  1. That God will draw them to Himself (1 John 6: 44)
  2. That they seek to know God (Acts 17: 27)
  3. That they believe the word of God (1 Thess 2: 13)
  4. That Satan be bound from blinding them to the truth and that his influences in their life be “cast down” (2 Cor 4: 4, 10: 4,5)
  5. That the Holy Spirit work in them (John 16: 8-13)
  6. That they turn from sin (Acts 3: 19)
  7. That they believe in Christ as savior (John 1: 12)
  8. That they obey Christ as Lord (Matt 7: 21)
  9. That they take root and grow in Christ (Col 2: 6,7)

“When you pray for, and work for, those on your prayer list, God will not only use you to win others to Christ: He will draw you closer to Himself.”

Would you pray for me as I go through this book? I want to stay committed and I would love to see my own faith strengthened as well as lives changed.


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