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Mexican Dinner Night Made Easy

Mexican Dinner Night Made Easy

We are currently on vacation with my parents and sister in Hawaii without my hubby. And I miss him. Like crazy. We are away from him for nine days. Before we left, we decided to have a dinner party all together. I … [Read More...]

Easy DIY Sock Puppets

Easy DIY Sock Puppets

This semester in 1st grade homeschool we are having health class twice a week. We are using (and loving) Horizon Health for 1st grade. Though it is optional for this curriculum, this health class utilizes sock … [Read More...]

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#TheBoxtrolls Movie

Behind the Scenes: The Boxtrolls

Would you love a behind the scenes look at the new movie The Boxtrolls that came out in theaters today? Here is your exclusive HD behind the scenes look: About The Boxtrolls From the creators of Coraline and … [Read More...]

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Which Shoulder Length Hair Style Should I Get?

I’m Thinking of New Shoulder Length Hair Style

I have been trying to grow my hair out for the last two years. Maybe more. I can’t even remember, it has been so long. It just won’t grow. While we were at the hairdresser last week getting my daughter’s hair cut, she told me them hair has a life span. It won’t grow longer […]

How does a delicious low calorie snack sound?

How does a delicious low calorie snack sound?

It has never been a secret that I love snacks. Thankfully, I have been doing pretty well on my snacking since I’ve started swapping meals with green smoothies. I have also started swapping chips for popcorn or sushi paper and bananas for candy. But, on the occasion that I do grab a chocolate snack bar, […]